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***Real Estate Investors***


Let us show you how to avoid

$1,000's in Capital Gains Taxes...


Increase Your Wealth-Building Power!



Important Information:


An Exchange benefits you exen more than the taxes saved... It's a Wealth Building Tool!

Consider the case of two investors each with $200,000 appreciated equity in their properties.

 Investor A sells without an exchange, pays $40,000 in capital gains taxes and uses $160,000 remaining as a 25% down payment on a $640,000 office building.

Investor B exchanges free of taxes and uses the full $200,000 equity as a 25% down payment to acquire an $800,000 office building.

That means Investor B has acquired $160,000 more income producing property.  So not only has the astute investor saved $40,000 in taxes...the tax savings are available to leverage into even greater income growth!


A Section 1031 Deferred Exchange CAN SAVE YOU BIG BUCKS! 


Selling business or investment  property normally requires payment of capital gains taxes.  Depending on the property's appreciation in value and the length of time depreciated, that tax bill can be heavy... heavy enough to stop many individuals from selling the property.


However, under provisions of Internal Revenue Service Code Section 1031, these capital gains taxes can be deferred (or even avoided) if you "exchange" the property through a "Qualified Intermediary."