1031 Exchange Specialists,

A National Qualified Intermediary

Inc.  [1031 ESI]

Corporate Headquarters:
1155 Asbury Avenue
Ocean City
New Jersey 08226

Ocean City, NJ: 609-398-1031

Naples, FL: 877-513-1031

   Fax: 609-398-0500

Web: www.1031esi.com
Email: info@1031esi.com

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:30-4:30

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William T. Steffens

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Your Tax Savings is Our Business! 
1031 Exchange Specialists, Inc.

How We Earn Our Fee

Our Qualified Intermediary services earn a flat fee per 1031 exchange transaction based on the value and number of property(s) exchanged. Some companies charge additional amounts for postage, wires, etc….WE DO NOT!  Most of our 1031 clients save tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes using our services. The more complex transactions, understandably, demand a slightly higher fee.  Our level of knowledge and experience, and the amount of time dedicated to the success of your exchange, makes our fee a great value.  Your tax savings is just another added benefit.


Before, during and after the exchange process, you can rely on our expert guidance in the following areas:


  • Unlimited consultations with the client, their attorney, accountant, banker and Realtor to structure, advise and ensure compliance with 1031 rules and regulations at both the federal and state levels.

  • Review Agreements of Sale to ensure 1031 compliance and identify potential problem areas.

  • Preparation of all required 1031 exchange documents, including Exchange Agreement, Assignments, Addendums, Notices, Advisories, etc.

  • Verbal and written communications with closing entity(s) to provide required 1031 instructions.

  • Review all relevant closing documents to ensure compliance, avoid “tainting” of funds, and identify potential “boot” items.  Recommend and approve changes, where necessary.

  • Establish principal preserved segregated escrow accounts to ensure liquidity of funds deposited.

  • Provide good faith deposits and closing funds for targeted properties.

  • Provide guidance on the 45-day identification process.

  • Ensure compliance with the 45-day and 180-day time sensitive deadlines.

  • Provide an “Accounting of Funds” throughout the exchange process.

  • Provide guidance and IRS forms at the completion of the exchange and calendar year.

  • Maintain a secure electronically stored file history for each client.